Although I have always been a liberal, I read almost anything to try and understand other points of view, with the exception of anything written by a Fox News opinion propagandists. This is one of those books, and I believe it has quite a few points that are key to understanding why working class white voters chose the Tea Party and Donald Trump. They see how they are endlessly mocked, which is perfectly fine, but it is taboo to say anything about some minorities they may not even encounter in their lives. They resent all of the ‘white privilege’ talk when they are scrambling to feed their families every day, and believe they descend from white slavery, as they in fact may have relatives that involuntarily came over under indentured servitude. War is something that they are made to serve in, while the privileged liberals have the connections to get deferrals and protest. There is not enough time in a day to bother about political correctness and they work and live among working class blacks, while elitists have gated communities. Government to them is designed to take their money to pay for things they feel no benefit from, so the talk of small government and drain the swamp appeals to them because they genuinely want the world to burn because they feel impotent and powerless. Immigrants are not wanted because they drive down wages for the working poor. Gun control is stripping the only defense they have from the Government, so while a few whackos commit terrorism at home, it pales in comparison to the actual killing the government sanctions all over the world. Drugs and destructive entertainment allow them to feel and refuel for going back to the same thankless, low-paid mistreatment they face every day to scrape by a living.

Some of these voters were supportive of Bernie Sanders, and it would be in the liberals best interest to address some these issues in order to be elected. Own up to past failure to serve all of the people and prioritizing the needs of corporations and the wealthy over joe six-pack and start addressing their needs without resorting to calling them deplorables and maybe, just maybe, they will stop supporting total chaos and destruction of our institutions. Frankly, a lot of us are tired of being Charlie Brown voting for Lucy and being slammed on our back by the least worst candidate. Fallacies aside, this is what people believe and failure to address these core issues might steer us towards the decimation of every ideal we hold dear.

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