This book is like Dimly Lit Meals for One – grocery store edition. The thesis of this book is along the veins of Eat This, Not That, but focusing on marginal improvements of one over the other without consideration of the appeal and tastiness of either dish. After all, the meals contain most or all of the major food groups: soy/meat, wheat, cheese, corn(sugar), vegetable oil, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial flavors and salt. The pesky spices have been eliminated except for onion and garlic powder, and the vegetable group is generally 2% or less, I promise!!

Some of the meal suggestions are particularly gruesome:

Four sprays of olive oil on a salad with low fat feta.

Potato salad = 1/2c potatoes, 1 tsp. olive oil, 2 tsp. lemon, s&p. Sure to be a hit at parties! Or you can just buy Read canned german potato salad.

Suddenly Pasta Salad with Ranch and Bacon and light mayo. Soybean bacon bits and less than 2% peas. This comes in a box about the size of Kraft macaroni and cheese. It’s 4.5 servings. So, if you eat the whole box, it’s only 1575 calories!

If you love french onion soup, look away! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Instead of topping the soup with a crispy slice of toasty bread and gobs of cheese, put a piece of melba toast on it with 1 tsp. parmesan. YUM!

Hungry and see a 7-11 up the block? Just go right in and get yourself a chicken salad sandwich!

Hormel Compleats Meatloaf and Gravy and Mashed Potatoes… one review says it tastes like cat food.

Banquet Salisbury Steak Meal… a review on the Banquet website called the meat a ‘hellish nightmare’.

7 Tostitos chips.

61 Eatsmart Garden Veggie Straws. !=62

I mean, I could go on, but I think I made my point clear. This is not a diet book for anyone to buy unless they want a permanent aversion to food. In a perverse way, it could be effective.