I became curious about this author since he had three books that kept flying off the shelves at the library. Being the book junkie I am, the tempation was too irresistible to pass up.

The author of this book would be utterly laughable if he wasn’t preying on individuals in poor health, as well as family members of those who are very ill. Anthony Williams ‘background story’ is that the Spirit of the Most High, who is apparently God’s HR recruiter, came down to give him the job of diagnosing people and prescribing foods to cure them when he was four years old. (I don’t remember a biblical HR person from what I learned in bible school, but it was a long time ago.) The spirit nagged at him about what to do and eat, and even cured him of a ten day illness after he did as he was told and ate fresh peas from the garden. Anthony really balked at diagnosing people, and the spirit got very, very angry with him and told him if he didn’t do it, the dog would be drowned in the canal after it had fallen in. Poor little Anthony capitulated to save his dog and began his life as a ‘healer’. (The spirit apparently found him a wife, so I suppose he also doubles as a pick-up artist. Also, the spirit knows how to fix cars…Jesus indeed Built My Hot-rod! I mean the Spirit of the Most High Built My Hot-Rod).

So anyway, Anthony starts doing as he is told by raving at people at his supermarket job about what their health problems are and prescribing fruits and vegetables for them to eat. So now we are raising the possibility he is in fact mentally ill and hears voices telling him these things. Please note there is a disclaimer in the book that if you are not cured, it was in fact just too late to save your sorry ass. You are among the people who “have manifested or attracted the wrong life circumstances”.

Among his claims are these gems:

• There is magical water in fruits and vegetables called hydrobioactive water and cofactor water nutrients that are “undiscovered information” by science.

• There is apparently an encyclopedic knowledge of the materia medica for fruit and vegetables in his head. (You know, like homeopathy. Get one of those and try to make any sense of it!)

• Apricots must be eaten after 3pm because that’s when the nutrients are at their highest levels.

• Cranberries can indeed metaphysically transform nutrients to you just by gazing at them on a table.

• You must hold on to an avocado for thirty seconds before you cut it to identify it as yours and connect its cells with your individual energy, being, soul and DNA, making it the most nutritious it can be for your personal needs.

• Cherries are so cleansing, detoxifying, that they serve us best in limited quantity.

I think you get the point. Anthony claims that he “has become a valuable resource to doctors who need help solving their most difficult cases”. In his previous book he says “This book is unlike anything you’ve ever read. You won’t find citation after citation, references to study after study, because this is fresh, ahead of it’s time information that comes from the heavens…. the facts actually come from the spirit”. These spiritual credentials are all he has to go on for making his medical diagnoses and cures.

Anthony Williams is affiliated with Goop and HayHouse Radio (which has a 50% affiliate cut and also hosts Angel Intuitives and Fairyologists, as well as Dr. Wayne Dyer). There are claims on the internet of him charging $500 for half-hour over the phone health consultations, in which he prescribes supplements that he also happens to sell on his website. Also, there is a claim and screenshot of a request to provide the most ‘inspirational’ review for his book for a prize package worth $3,000. https://www.inverse.com/article/40096-medical-medium-anthony-william That would help explain all of the five star reviews for this book.

I also found a blogger who wrote about talking to Anthony Williams on the phone for a consultation for her son, who had medical issues since birth. He told her that the child had mercury poisoning, and advised her what supplements to give the boy most of the call. She took the child to an acupuncturist to diagnose mercury poisoning (I know!) and gave him the supplements. She was convinced he was improving with the supplements, and then her son unexpectedly died and sent her universe crashing down. http://www.kateleong.com/2016/02/the-things-we-do-when-were-desperate.html

Anthony Williams has a presence on Facebook that helpfully includes a huge disclaimer of their responsibility for the contents of their own website, which obviously allows them to make money from him while claiming they are working on cleaning up false medical claims.

Books like this make me question the whole nonfiction category. There really should be a new book category called Alternative Facts. This would go quite well with Dianetics and Creation Science. One of the poor reviews of this book was not because it was complete nonsense, but that there were no specific recipes. Makes me wonder about people.